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Experience Cozy Adventures

Visit Fulufjället National Park. With us you will stay in cozy tents. With Swedens highest waterfall Njupeskär you have spectacular views in our backyard. Worlds oldest spruce tree Old Tjikko next to the waterfall and an amazing open mountain plateau will take your breath away.

You have your private host/guide with you at all times. Meals, drinks and snacks included. Fishing for wild arctic char from fishing kayaks, Packraft to Njupeskär & Old Tjikko. Hike with snowshoes or ice fish. 

Enjoy a stay with us next to Rösjöstugorna mountain station.


Fulufjället National Park
Dalarna, Sweden

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+46 (0)700 – 92 92 10 

Let Us Take Care Of You!

A real wilderness trip. Let us help you to an adventure you never forget!

Real Wilderness

We have no street adress


How do I get there?

The Simple life outside the grid. How do we survive with no running water at the edge of Internet

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Our Rooms

Sek 2990/night

”The beauty of a mountain is often in the small details.”

Tommy Lönnebacke, Camp Manager

Outdoor food taste better

Reindeer, arctic char and moose meatballs with local vegetables. Coffee on clear mountain water. 

A Little YOU Time

A trip with us is both adventure and enjoyment. We will take care of you!

Hiking secrets of Fulufjället

Our guide take you of the trail to the secret and hidden spot´s on Mt Fulufjället. We know where to find the sacrifice altars, stoneage settlement, old graves and all the amazing views. 

Snowshoes underneath the stars

With no light polution the skies are clear. Follow your private guide on snowshoes undearneath star covered skies. With a little bit of luck we have spectacular northern light!

Packrafting to Njupeskär

We do an exclusive guided tour to Swedens highest waterfall Njupeskär and the world oldest tree Old Tjikko. And we do the first bit in a pacraft. Paddeling in to the small creek just above the waterfall. Follow us on a spectacular. trip!

Kayak or Ice Fishing wild trout & arctic char

All fish on Mt Fulfujället is wild and unique. Both arctic char and trout was trapped on top of Mt Fulfujället after the ice age. Book our guide for a fishing trip on the ice, in a fishing kayak or stealth fishing in the smaller creeks for trout.

Do you have any questions please send us a message!



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